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Limitless Golden Construction Inc is an excavations, sealing, masonry, and asphalt paving company serving Westchester and Putnam County, New York. Walking or driving on a smooth surface is an unspoken satisfaction. A freshly paved road or driveway automatically enhances the appeal of the property surrounding it.

We travel within a 20-mile radius of Peekskill, NY and the surrounding counties. Call 914-810-3125 now to speak with your pavement contractor. We happily provide free inspections on all services.

Our Services

Commercial Blactop Company

Paving Service

Visitors and clients don't want to drive on an uneven surface. Increase your property value in Westchester and Putnam County with fresh paving.

Service Details
Driveway Sealing & Masonry Specialists Westchester Peekskill

Sealcoating Service

Do you need sealcoating service for your driveway surface? We travel within 20 miles of Peekskill, NY and the surrounding counties.

Service Details
Excavation Company

Excavation Service

Do you have a new construction project coming up in Peekskill, NY or surrounding counties? Let Limitless Golden Construction Inc be your excavation service.

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masonry service contractors

Masonry Service

TRUST A SKILLED TEAM IN Peekskill, NY OR THE SURROUNDING COUNTIES TO COMPLETE YOUR MASONRY SERVICE Limitless Golden Construction Inc is the trusted masonry service company in Peekskill, NY. Whether you need decorative walls, stone patios or new steps, you can count on our team of masonry contractors to exceedRead more "Masonry Service"

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Specialized Winter Services

Snow Plowing Pros - Westchester & Putnam

Residential Snow Removal

Residential Snow Removal

Have your driveway and carpark cleaned up with your residential snow removal plan. Prevent winter damage on your asphalt, pavement surface, and building structures. Allow our team to manage your professional and safe snow plow at your property.

Commercial Snow Management

Commercial Snow Management

As one of the top rated snow and ice management teams in the area, we focus on ensuring prompt and reliable commercial winter services for plazas, condominiums, parking lots, and more. Act proactively by developing a winter plan with us to protect your property's asphalt and pavement surfaces.

Educational Property Maintenance Blog

Want to learn more on how to care for your property investment year round? We invite you to visit our educational blog. In conclusion, proper maintenance will not only preserve the value of your investment, but it will keep it safe and looking exceptional.

Why choose Limitless Golden Construction?

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We honor the golden rule. We treat every asphalt paving project as if it were our own.

Take advantage of the following:

  • Enjoy $250 off of new installations
  • Free inspections and in-home showings
  • Top rated contractors
  • Premium materials at affordable prices

Your professional contractor will gladly provide insightful information throughout the duration of your project.

If you're in Westchester or Putnam County,  NY and need a trusted asphalt paving company,  masonry, or excavation services, call us at 914.810.3125.

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We specialize in offering the most professional asphalt, masonry, excavation and pavement management services at fair prices for commercial and residential clients. Our main objective is to be the contractors of choice, we accomplish this by ensuring quality service, premium materials, state-of-the-art equipment, exceptional communication and prompt delivery for every project. Whether you are an owner, architect, designer, engineer, tenant, broker, subcontractor, or supplier, you are a valued member of our Limitless Golden Construction team and will be treated accordingly. This dedication to teamwork and open project management results in not only successful construction projects, but also satisfied customers. We are dedicated to your success. Contact us today and let us know how we can assist you with your next project.