Trusted Masonry and Asphalt Paving Services in NY

Premium Materials at Affordable Prices

LGC offers a wide range of asphalt paving and masonry solutions for all your driveway and parking lot needs. From pavement repairs, to road maintenance or sealcoating, we are your local contractors!

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NY’s Professional Construction Services

Why You Should Choose Our Professional Masonry and Asphalt Services

Increase your property value by hiring reliable masonry and paving contractors.

Protect your family or guests with a safe parking area and driveway.

Protect your property from costly water damage with proper drainage.

Professional Contractors For Masonry, Excavation, and Asphalt Paving Services

What Services Are You Looking For?

Commercial Services

Professional Installations of Commercial Paving, NY

Trusted Commercial Paving in Westchester County

 We treat every blacktop paving and paver stone installation project as if it were our own.

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Limitless Golden Construction Inc. is a highly rated commercial paving company, we add an aesthetic appeal to your private road or parking lot. Our aim isn’t just about beautifying the area, but also making it safe for cars and people who need access it year-round !

Don’t take our word for it, hire the top asphalt paving service company in town!

Residential Services

Protect Your Home and Business With Our Residential Services

We’re Experts in Residential Services

We’re here to help you create your dream driveway! Whether it’s a sealant, masonry repair or waterproofing for any other paving service project we will work hard and get the job done right.

We provide paving services throughout Peekskill and its surrounding counties. If you have any questions, our team is here to help!

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Additionally we offer excavation for:

  • Pavement Resurfacing
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Subsurface drainage

Winter Services

Snow Plowing Pros in Westchester & Putnam County

Specialized Winter Services For Homes or Businesses

Prepare your home for the winter with our specialized services. Serving the Westchester, Putnam, Rockland and surrounding counties.

Residential Snow Removal

Residential Snow Removal

Have your driveway and carpark cleaned up with your residential snow removal plan. Prevent winter damage on your asphalt, pavement surface, and building structures. Allow our team to manage your professional and safe snow plow at your property.

Commercial Snow Management

Commercial Snow Management

We focus on ensuring prompt and reliable commercial winter services for plazas, condominiums, parking lots, and more. Act proactively, develop a winter plan with us to protect your property’s asphalt and pavement surfaces.

Asphalt Services

Asphalt Paving Services in Putnam and Westchester County

Top Rated Asphalt Paving Services

Paving your driveway to be top-notch every day of the year will increase the value of your property and make it a more enjoyable and memorable experience for your clients and visitors.

Our services can help:

  • Increase your property value
  • Prevent a tacky look
  • Prepare your pavement for the winter

Receive $300 Off Your New Residential Paving Project!

Masonry Services

The Trusted Masonry Service Company

Hire a Skilled Team of Masons in Peekskill, NY and Surrounding Areas

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Enhance your outdoor living space with a patio, walkway and retaining wall installations. We can do it all!

If you need reliable masonry service for your home or office in Peekskill, NY, call 914-292-3178 today.

Sealcoating Services

Quality Sealcoating to Prevent Pavement Cracks and Water Damage

Invest in Sealcoating Services

Are you in need of sealcoating service for your driveway? Limitless Golden Construction Inc. provides a range that extends 20 miles outside Peekskill, NY and the surrounding counties for all your paving and sealcoating needs.

Our Sealcoating:
– Prevents cracking
– Allows your surface to last longer
– Limits the risk of erosion

Limitless Golden Construction Asphalt Repair

Learn more about how to care for your driveway pavement, request a complimentary quote today!

Excavation Services

Revamp Your Property With Excavation Services in Westchester, NY

We are a Top Rated Excavation Service

Do you have a new construction project coming up in Peekskill, NY or surrounding counties? Let Limitless Golden Construction Inc be your excavation company of choice. Whether you want to redesign your landscape or extend your driveway or parking lot, you can trust us to deliver an exceptional excavation service.

Have you ever had a damp basement? Have the Winter and Spring showers brought musty odors, wet footprints on your stairs or mold growth in dark places of your home? If so then it might be time for an excavation company to install waterproofing as well as drainage systems!

Why consider hiring an excavation contractor to repair your pavement or help waterproof your property?

  • Waterproofing limits the risk of flooding
  • Mold is less likely to grow
  • Waterproofing protects your flooring
  • Reduce liability and future repair costs

Our Track Record

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Commercial & Residential Paving Contractors

Commercial Property Paving

Property/Facility Management

We service property managers with small to large portfolios of commercial properties. We provide a comprehensive range of services to office buildings in Westchester County, NY with other surrounding counties like Putnam for your convenience!

Industrial Park Paving Service

Industrial Park / Distribution / Logistics

Limitless Golden Construction Inc. specializes in industrial parks and distribution throughout Peekskill, NY and surrounding counties with a special focus on preventive maintenance plans.

Shopping Center Paving Repair

Shopping Centers

We recondition the pavement and walkways of Strip Malls, Plazas, Lifestyle Centers and Shopping Centers in Westchester, Putnam and other surrounding counties.

Multi-family paving company


We service apartments, townhomes, residential communities, age-restricted, active lifestyle, assisted living and condominiums near Peekskill, New York and surrounding counties.

School Parking Lot Repair

School Parking Lots

Limitless Golden Construction Inc. helps educational facilities and government properties with their asphalt paving services needs.

Country Club Masonry Paving

Golf, Tennis, & Yacht Clubs

We’re committed to providing the best excavation, masonry, and paving service for Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Tennis Clubs, and Yacht Clubs in Putnam and Westchester County.

Single Family Paved Driveway

Single Owner Properties

Our commitment for single owner commercial/industrial properties in Putnam and surrounding areas includes: daycare centers, office buildings, retail stores, doctors’ offices, residential homes, etc.

Asphalt Repair Company

HUD Inspection Repairs

If your home’s walkways are in need of repairs, don’t hesitate to call our team. We offer fast turn around on cost estimates and schedule the job so you can meet deadlines and pass HUD inspection.

Our Simple Service Process


Hassle Free Masonry or Pavement Inspection & Estimate


Pick Your Project Start Date


Begin Your Custom Masonry or Pavement Project


Post-Service Inspection


Deliver Your New Retaining Wall, Pavement, or Driveway Surface

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