5 Tips To Protect Driveway Pavement During Winter

winter driveway pavement tips

Winter poses major threats to your driveway pavement. The freeze-thaw cycles affect the integrity of your driveway surface. A simple crack or pothole are the lead catalyst to asphalt crackling. When ice and snow melt, it pools water, which affects the compactness of the driveway pavement. In addition, when water freezes it expands in small potholes and cracks. This increases pressure, and develops cracks that cause the damage to your driveway surface. Therefore, as temperatures drop during winter time, the asphalt becomes harder, stronger, and brittle. Avoid expensive driveway repair costs.

Use these helpful tips to protect your driveway pavement this winter!

1. Remove Debris From Driveway Pavement

Being proactive can ensure your driveway is in great condition for the winter freeze and thaw cycles. It’s key for you to work on clearing your driveway and street of debris, before the season. Professional driveway cleaning services may help you reveal issues, like potholes or surface crackling, that require immediate repair.

Driveway Paving - Snow Removal - Driveway Repair
Have you assessed if your driveway pavement is suitable for winter?

Prevent large pieces of debris from freezing and damaging your driveway pavement during the long and cold winter months. Most debris left to freeze create potential issues with snow plows and negatively affect driveway pavement. Make sure you’re proactive and have your driveway surface cleared of debris in advance. This will ensure your driveway is in great condition post winter season.

2. Sealcoat Driveway Surface Before It’s Too Late

We understand that driveway paving installation is an important investment to home and business owners. Therefore, we encourage all of our clients and neighbors to take great care of their investment. One way to protect your driveway surface is to fill any cracks before winter time; this process is called sealcoating or asphalt sealing.

Sealcoating is recommended to be done after your driveway surface has been cleared of debris. Do this to guarantee proper coverage of crack openings. It’s important to ask you driveway sealing professional if this service is still available in your area. The right temperatures for sealcoating need to be considered.

3. Routinely Shovel Pavement

Driveway Pavement - Snow Shovel
Continuously clear your driveway surface during the winter of standing water and snow.

Once again being proactive works in your favor towards protecting your driveway investment. When you clear your driveway surface of standing water and snow, you prevent freeze-thaw cycles from damaging driveway further.

Whether you choose to shovel or plow snow, be aware that you’re doing this to prevent water damage. Therefore, it should be done before the snow melts. If you’d rather hire a professional, consider an experienced team in your area that holds the right equipment and knowledge. This will allow you to prevent further damage to your driveway pavement. Save time and energy!

4. Think Twice About Applying Salt

Professionally installed asphalt pavement should keep you worry free about salt developing potholes or damaging driveway; but you should consider the following before you de-ice:

  • Environmental Effects
  • Selecting the Right Deicer Mix
  • Pooling Water On Surface
  • Booking A Reputable Driveway Repair Team

The environmental truth of this topic is that runoff water containing salt greatly affects plants, wildlife, and your local waterways. Prevent this by shoveling or plowing snow and then using a deicer mix with as few environmental effects as possible. After this, you should access the area for any pooling water. This may signal a potential pothole in the spring season. This is a concern to the protection of your driveway investment, consider booking a reputable driveway repair professional. to fix your driveway surface problems before they get bigger.

5. Winter Driveway Repair

Repairing any potholes as the coldest months approach may be a huge challenge for the average individual. Consider this an important task though, because pothole repairs in the winter months help prevent further damage to your driveway pavement investment.

The most professional paving specialists tend to use high quality asphalt mix products that allow for the best driveway repair. Research your area for the top driveway repair team and be brave to ask for help. This will save you lots of money in the long run and ensure you have a healthy driveway surface for multiple years and winters ahead.

Have you assessed if your driveway pavement is suitable for winter? Consider the tips above to protect your driveway surface investment and prevent future repair costs.

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