What You Need to Know: Asphalt Repair and Sealcoating 101

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With the winter months quickly approaching, now is the time to start thinking about any maintenance and upgrades to your driveway, parking lot or other space. Before the temperature drops and Mother Nature covers Westchester and Putnam County in a blanket of snow and ice, think about what asphalt repair projects need to be done. Our team of contractors have received questions from people just like you looking to learn more about asphalt repair and sealcoating, and they have answers. Check out the below Q&A for more. 

What is the process for asphalt driveway repair?

Our most common questions involve learning more about the overall asphalt repair process. Depending on the current condition, the existing asphalt can be repaired without having to start from scratch. The first step in any project is a full and complete inspection of the situation at hand. All inspections start with the state of the base and surrounding area. You want to ensure steady, solid support. This will help to avoid having to make larger repairs later on, from dips and cracks to drainage corrections. If all is good with the base, your asphalt repair contractors will move on to treating cracks and tending to other structural issues. 

If your team does determine that there is structural damage, they will remove the impacted layers, whether just the top few or completely down to the base if needed. Removed asphalt can be recycled and used again through an environmentally-friendly method that is also easier on your pocket. Your team can discuss your options if your project might involve this level of attention. Once all is complete, your team will move on to sealcoating, which we will discuss later on. 

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Are all asphalt repair contractors the same?

Although many are skilled and can get the job done, you will want to find a team that truly understands and can handle the scope of your project. This is where you will need to do research. Be sure to check out testimonials, ensure their finished work is smooth, pleasing and similar to how you desire your complete project to look like. Also take into account what regions and counties they service and are familiar with. Not all land is the same, so you will want to be sure they are familiar with the area’s terrain and offer options that take into account the varying weather conditions asphalt will face in Westchester and Putnam counties. We will expand on this a bit later.

After the project is done, will I still need a team of asphalt repair pros?

You will want to choose a team that truly cares about the health of your project from beginning to end and beyond. Larger repair projects can be costly, but they can be avoided if smaller issues are tended to as they arise. Your team of asphalt repair contractors should help you set up a maintenance plan that you can execute regularly. This includes keeping the surface clear of any debris and tending to minor cracks before they escalate. Make sure any and all weeds are removed promptly before their roots sprout and cause structural damage. Your team should show you how to recognize potential problems and teach you when to call in the pros if you suspect something is wrong. They can also lay down a fresh sealcoat when needed. 

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Can you tell me more about sealcoating asphalt?

Sealcoating is one of the last steps in any asphalt paving process. This is a special layer that goes on top to give any project a final layer of protection and shine. As a result, you will experience smaller maintenance projects, ultimately leading to less money out of your pocket for repairs. Sealcoated parking lots and driveways can, on average, last up to a decade longer than those that are not. If it has been more than a year since your last sealcoat or if you have never had one poured, you will want to explore this option. 

What are the benefits of sealing parking lot?

With frequent, heavy traffic, sealcoating protects your asphalt from corrosive chemicals including radiator fluid, gas and other oils. In addition to these chemicals from vehicles, sealcoating will protect from natural elements such as rain and the sun’s harsh rays. 

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Is sealcoating driveway necessary?

As we mentioned above, sealcoating protects your project from chemicals and natural elements. Even though a driveway does not experience as much traffic as a parking lot, you will still want to finish the asphalt repair process with a fresh sealcoating job. Similar to sealcoating a parking lot, this will add years onto a driveway’s lifespan. These physical safeguards are not the only benefits of sealcoating. It serves multiple purposes that lead our team of professionals to recommend the sealcoating process on all asphalt repair projects.

What are some other benefits of sealing driveway?

On top of physical purpose, sealcoating serves as an aesthetically pleasing finish to your project. Have you ever seen a crisp, new driveway or parking lot? That enhanced look is courtesy of a fresh sealcoat. This will drive up your home or property value.

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Does asphalt repair near Westchester and Putnam county differ from other areas?

Yes! As we quickly mentioned before, the region you live in will play a role. Your cousin’s driveway in Arizona will face very different climate and weather conditions than those we experience in the northeast. Asphalt repair near Westchester and Putnam County is important to maintain, especially in the winter. With the freezing temperatures we face in New York, water can easily get into even the smallest of cracks and freeze, causing larger headaches. Fall is an ideal time to ensure all is strong and steady going into these colder months. 

Do you have more questions about the asphalt or sealcoating repair process? Contact our team of professional contractors at Limitless Golden Construction today to learn more or sign up for a free consultation. We are also offering free virtual quotes this fall to get your project started from a safe distance. Interested in knowing what our customers have to say about our work? Check out our testimonials page or our Instagram to see actual pictures of our work. We service residential and commercial projects near Putnam and Westchester County in New York. Call us today at 914-810-3125.

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