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It might only be February, but the spring months are quickly approaching. Now is the perfect time to tend to any commercial paving and maintenance needs. These can include anything from parking lots to roads and walkways. Each of these points are the first part of any business that anyone sees. This means they play a vital role in attracting new potential customers. City and state roads are well-traveled and need to be kept in tip-top shape. Every year, our team of professional paving contractors consult with business owners and officials. Whether upgrades or starting projects from the ground up, their experience spans a wide range of services. They broke down some of the most frequently discussed topics of discussion.

What basics should we know about commercial asphalt paving?

Commercial asphalt paving includes any area that is not residential. These include grocery store parking lots, airport runways, highways and park basketball courts. With the amount of public traffic on both foot and wheel, it is important to ensure any commercial asphalt paving job is done correctly. Cutting corners can lead to injury or additional repairs down the line. You can learn more about the benefits of asphalt paving here.

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What factors will help determine road paving costs?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. A variety of factors play into determining road paving costs. These include:

  • Traffic volume – What type of traffic will this paved area be exposed to? Will it be foot traffic or cars? What about heavy trucks or city buses? What oils and other liquids will these exhaust?
  • Permits – Some projects will need permits secured prior to beginning work. These filing fees and timelines need to be incorporated into budgets. A team of professional contractors can work with you to ensure they are properly secured.
  • Climate – The area’s weather is important to take into account. New York experiences harsh winters, rainy springs and warm summers. Chosen material and maintenance plans will need to address these elements.
  • Existing terrain – What is the current situation like? Is there a road or other surface already laid that just needs a few touch ups? Does the foundation need work? Is it a dirt field or are there trees that need to be removed first? The amount of work needed to get started will drive project quotes up or down.

No two projects are the same. Be sure to call to request a project proposal when shopping for a team of contractors. 

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Can you tell me more about the road paving process?

Absolutely! As we mentioned, it all starts with what the current situation looks like. Having a strong, solid foundation is key for any project, especially a commercial paving project. There are a few phases. Initially, we will bring in machines to clear out anything that needs to go. After that, we lay down dirt and soil. To ensure a flat pour this will be smoothed out. The next step involves using concrete and soil to build the roadway, drain systems and sidewalk curbs. Finally, asphalt is then poured.

The first gravel layer will protect from nature’s elements, including winter’s freezing temperatures. The top smooth layer you see, walk and drive on is then placed. Depending on the scope of the project, the entire process can take a few days to a year or more. That is a quick walk through, but our team is happy to connect to break it down in more detail.

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What services to road paving companies provide?

Commercial paving companies have contractors specially trained to handle road paving. Roads and highways experience high traffic on a daily basis. Often installed are speed bumps, road signage gutters and sidewalks. Road paving companies need to take into account the velocity at which cars are traveling. In addition, streets and highways curve and have changing slopes and elevations. Take into account all of these during the planning phase.

Are there different types of road paving?

Yes! Again, it depends on the condition of the existing project. Is this a simple pothole repair? Does the road only need to be resurfaced? Primarily surface treatment can help preserve a road that is in foundational solid shape. This method will help extend the life of the road. For instance, the top few layers can be removed and replaced if the surface is deteriorated. On the other hand, all existing material will be removed if the full street needs to be reconstructed.

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What role does a commercial paving company serve after the job is complete?

That is a great question! Your team of contractors should sit down to discuss a maintenance plan. This includes regular evaluation and cleaning.

It is important to get ahead of any repairs. Therefore, addressing smaller issues as soon as they arise is the best way to prevent larger projects in the future. Your team will give you points to look out for. These include cracks that moisture can seep into. Over time, freezing and running water can cause erosion and later craters or potholes. Seeds and foliage can also sprout from cracks. These are all not only an eyesore, but can be a safety hazard for pedestrians and drivers.

Filling and sealing cracks and treating the surface can extend the life of a commercial paving project. Check drains for any materials such as leaves that can cause clogs and eventually floods. Be sure to call your team back in if anything becomes of concern at any time.

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Any advice on choosing a team of commercial paving contractors?

Always hire reputable contractors to do any and all work. Most important, make sure to do extensive research before signing a contract. Firstly, ask for previous examples of work. Secondly, read website testimonials from other clients. Thirdly, reach out to multiple commercial paving companies. The least expensive or fastest timeline quoted is not always the best option. For instance, anyone making promises far off from the bulk of others should raise red flags. Above all, do not be afraid to ask questions and clarify the process before beginning. Ultimately, choose a team that works best with budget and timeframe.

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Want to learn more about commercial paving and maintenance plans?

Contact our team of professional commercial contractors to request a project proposal. Want to know what our customers have to say about our work? Head to our website to check out some of their testimonials. Lastly, check out our favorite projects on Instagram. At Limitless Golden Construction, we service residential and commercial projects near Putnam and Westchester County in New York. Call us today at 914-810-3125.

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