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Asphalt driveway removal cost can vary depending on many factors. The size of your driveway, the amount of labor involved, and the type of asphalt all influence the cost. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the average asphalt driveway removal cost so you can budget for this project. We’ll also provide some tips on how to reduce your costs. Keep reading to learn more!

Our cost to remove asphalt driveway estimate is based on the cost of removing a 20 x 20 asphalt driveway. This usually comes out to about 600 square feet. For this cost, we’ll assume that your entire old asphalt needs to be torn up and carted off. If you can reuse some of your old asphalt or rocks for other projects, you can reduce your cost. For this cost, we’ll include a 2-inch gravel base to ensure good drainage for your new concrete.

We’re going to assume that you have a driveway with average conditions – a flat asphalt driveway with a slab foundation and nothing unusual about the ground below it. If you need any of these additional items, such as an asphalt driveway pad or a full tear-off, your cost will go up.

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To remove an asphalt driveway, there are 4 major steps:

1. Excavate the old asphalt using a machine that has ground-engaging tools to pull out all of the pieces. The cost for this assumes that your old driveway is not too badly broken up, and you can remove the asphalt in big pieces. If your driveway is in worse shape or there’s more digging involved, expect to pay more for excavation costs.

2. Install the gravel base – Unless your ground is extremely hard (rocky), you’ll need a gravel base under the new concrete. We’re assuming that you’re doing this work in 2022, so we’ll cost the cost of gravel at $50 per ton. This cost includes transportation and dumping fees. You can reduce your cost if you have nearby access to gravel or if you’re able to dump the gravel yourself and avoid these fees.

3. Lay down a 4-inch concrete slab. We’re going to cost this job using a 4-inch thick concrete slab with 3/4-inch reinforcing steel.

4. Pour the new asphalt mix or material of choice. Cost is not included in this estimate. We’ll assume that you’re hiring an experienced crew to handle your project. You can use this FREE calculator for asphalt paving.

We’ll cost this project at $7.50 per square foot for demolition of an asphalt driveway and base prep, with a total cost of about $4200. This cost includes labor for 1 day to remove the asphalt and gravel, set forms, excavate sub-grade, pour the concrete, and clean up. If you need to allow more time for the asphalt removal cost because your driveway is in rough shape, you can increase these costs by about 15%.

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What factors influence the driveway removal cost?

There are a few factors that can influence the cost of tearing out and replacing your asphalt driveway. While we’ve costed this project based on average conditions, you could expect to pay anywhere from $2-$10 per square foot for more or less work.

  • Size of your driveway: Asphalt cost per square foot is $5-$7, so costs increase as the size of the job increases.
  • If you’ll be using a smaller asphalt driveway slab: We costed the project with a 400 square foot concrete slab and 3/4-inch reinforcing steel. If you’ll be using a smaller slab, you can expect to cost this job from $5000-$6000.
  • Access to gravel: If you have a nearby source of cost-effective gravel, you can cost this job from $4000-$4200.
  • Complexity of the job: If you’re moving any landscape features, adding extra drainage work, or any other additional cost factors, expect to cost this job from $4500-$5500.
  • Access to the job site: The cost of your driveway removal will depend on how easy it is for your excavator to access your site. The cost will be higher if you’re in the center of town, than if you’re out in the country.
  • If you have an asphalt driveway pad: The cost of your driveway removal will also depend on whether or not you need to remove the asphalt driveway pad. If it’s in good shape, the cost of your driveway removal will go down by about $1600-$1800.
  • Location of your asphalt driveway: you can cost this job from $4500-$5500 in a rural area, and from $5500 to $6500 in an urban area.

How to prepare for your driveway removal?

Plan to make this cost more affordable for you.

Remove items from your property. You may want to move plants and landscape features, and make sure that your house and other buildings are cleared out. Your cost won’t go up as much if you can work around these items, but you’ll still need to cover the cost of any damage that might occur as a result of your driveway removal.

Purchase excess materials. If you’re able to buy more than you need for this job, it will cost less overall. You may want extra patio blocks or other decorative features so you could cost this job from $4000-$4500.

Use quality equipment. If you’ll be hiring a contractor to complete the cost of your asphalt driveway removal, the cost will go up as their equipment costs more. However, if you’re comfortable operating certain cost-saving equipment, you can cost this job from $4500-$5500.

For more information about the cost-effective cost to remove asphalt driveways, contact a service near you.

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The benefits of hiring a professional asphalt driveway removal service:

  • Reduce liability
  • Time efficiency
  • Use of proper techniques
  • Avoid excessive damages
  • Reduced costs to repair or repave your driveway or parking lot
  • Protect your landscaping
  • Increase safety for you and your family by allowing a professional to complete this job

Many homeowners take on cost-effective DIY techniques to remove asphalt driveways. However, hiring a professional will save you time and energy. Take into account that your asphalt removal project will include fees for permits, excess materials, and equipment rental costs to complete the asphalt driveway removal yourself.

The cost of hiring an asphalt driveway removal team will depend on how much work is involved with the job. Professionals cost more than do-it-yourselfers but can guarantee a better job.

How to compare quotes from different asphalt driveway removal services? 

When comparing the cost to remove asphalt driveways from different asphalt driveway removal services, consider the following cost factors:

  • Quality of equipment
  • The reputation of the company
  • Experience with asphalt paving and repairs
  • Cost of supplies and materials
  • Certifications and accreditation
  • Location and accessibility
  • Turnaround time
  • The additional cost of concrete or masonry work around your home or building
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When cost is your main factor, however, it’s best to select a company with rates that fit your budget. Remember too that the cost of hiring an asphalt driveway removal service will be much higher than doing it yourself. Be sure to include all cost-saving factors when budgeting for your asphalt driveway removal project.

As mentioned before, the cost of an asphalt removal service will vary depending on the size of your job, the number of materials you’ll need to complete it, and how accessible your site is for heavy equipment.

What to do after the driveway is removed?

Once your asphalt driveway is removed, you’ll need to calculate your paving or resurfacing project. This cost will vary depending on what material you choose for your new surface and how much work must be done around your home or property. Moreover, it’s also important to install handicap ramps for your driveway if you need them.

Click here to use our FREE asphalt paving calculator.

Many homeowners hire a contractor to do their asphalt driveway removal and to replace it with blacktop, concrete, brick pavers, or other cost-effective materials. Learn more about the most common paving materials in our “5 Durable Driveway Essentials To Consider” blog.

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So, if you are in need of asphalt removal, be sure to keep the following factors in mind: the size of your pavement surface, how much asphalt needs to be removed, any prep work that needs to be done, and whether or not you want to hire a professional service. By doing so, you can ensure an accurate estimate and timely completion of the project. Give Limitless Golden Construction a call today for an accurate quote on your upcoming driveway removal project!

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We hope this blog helps you estimate your asphalt removal cost for 2022!

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