6 Effective Drainage Solutions For Driveways And Landscape

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Do you believe in first impressions? Do you consider safety as a significant characteristic for your home or property? At Limitless Golden Construction, we believe smart home and business owners prefer a great looking and comfortable property. Therefore, they prioritize having effective drainage solutions for driveways and landscape areas of their home or business.

There is nothing worse for a patron or guest visiting your property than having to walk through puddles and mud. In most rural areas this is a common issue, but one that can be avoided with proper drainage. Never allow your driveway or landscape to be a liability of risk. Consider the following suggestions to common exterior drainage issues and keep your property looking sharp.

First, note that the following effective drainage solutions for driveways and landscape areas apply to specific cases. It is always recommended that you seek professional evaluation for your best options.

1. Stormwater Channeling

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The first and most common issue property owners encounter is finding puddles at the entrance of their property. There are natural element conditions we can’t avoid, but we can proactively prepare for. Without proper drainage, accumulation of stormwater on your driveway or landscape may create large puddles and soil erosion.

Professional contractors can address the issue by developing channels for stormwater to flow into safe zones. These channels, also called swales, are installed at the edges of your driveway and landscape areas. Safe zones are considered areas away from your building structure or pedestrian walkways.

2. Paved Surface Maintenance

Paved Asphalt Maintenance

Another effective solution that aids drainage for driveways and landscape areas is proper maintenance of paved surfaces. Without maintenance your property can encounter excessive water runoff, surface crackling, and pothole issues. These issues pose major aesthetic and safety concerns, resulting in increased liability risk and decreased property value.

The previously mentioned issues are more common in places exposed to rainy and snowy conditions. These problems aggravate with heavy vehicle traffic. Paved surface maintenance includes resurfacing, sealcoating, plowing, and car pollutants clean up. Frequency varies on your geographic location and utility.

3. Retaining Walls

Professionally installed retaining walls are among the most effective solutions to drainage issues on driveways or landscape areas. Most retaining walls are built with stones or concrete, which provide a durable land holding structure. Having a retaining wall on your property can prevent soil erosion and overflow of stormwater. The result also provide beautiful aesthetic benefits and easier maintenance of paved areas. Consider installing retaining walls on your property, as these can improve the effectiveness of stormwater channels and surface drainage.

4. Slope And Placement

retaining wall - drainage solutions for driveways

In mountainous or rural areas, strategic slope and placement of your driveway can pose great drainage advantages. These are possible with professional land assessment and installation. Otherwise, it can turn into major threats to your property and building structure. Additional drainage solutions are recommended when the slope is directed towards a building structure or common area. The most effective drainage solutions for driveways and landscape areas are those that are inclusive and installed by professionals. Hence, you also benefit from the peace of mind that a professional team can ensure when installing a sloped driveway.

5. Basement Waterproofing

When installed professionally, basement waterproofing can provide landscape drainage benefits. The main goal for drainage solutions is to protect your building structure and its habitants. Therefore, consider protecting your basement when you have assess your property’s exterior drainage systems. Have stormwater flow into safe zones by keeping underground water away from your building structure.

As a result, improve the flow of underwater drainage and keep your property safe. Always consider hiring a trusted excavation contractor that has knowledge about the flow of underground water.

6. Surface And Subsurface Drainage

surface and subsurface drainage systems

Lastly, the best drainage solutions for driveways and landscape areas, tend to be the most complex. The benefits of selecting such difficult installations is that they provide durability and sustainability. Your professional contractor should let you know if it’s necessary to integrate surface and subsurface drainage systems. Therefore, depending on the assessment done to your land, professionals can evaluate the most effective and sustainable drainage solutions.

For example, surface drainage solutions remove excess water from your driveway or landscape. Combined with subsurface drainage systems, these allow your land to prevent flooding and water pooling on your property. Consider this option if your property is located in a rural area and you want to keep it safe year round. 

Seeking help with your current drainage systems on your driveway and landscape?

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