Why Consider Driveway Drainage Solutions?

driveway drainage solutions

Are you tired of finding puddles on your driveway after rainfall or snow melting? Does your yard get muddy and fails to soak up water? Has your garage or basement flooded? In New York and other Northeast states we experience heavy rain and snow during Winter and Spring seasons. Consider the following driveway drainage solutions, if you’d like to protect your property investment long-term.

It’s common to find homeowners complaining about these issues. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions to such problems, some more sustainable than others.

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Protect your family and business with a safe driveway.

Driveway Puddles

Most commonly, improperly installed driveways show sings of sunken areas and weak points. Also, driveways that do not receive proper maintenance and care can also result in heavy surface cracks and potholes. Specifically areas that encounter freeze-thaw cycles without driveway drainage suffer the most. This is because frozen water in surface cracks, potholes, and sunken areas expand; creating further damage to the driveway surface.

Recommended Drainage Solution:

Generally, if the sunken driveway area is minor professionals can correct it by filling it and installing small drainage systems to channel water towards a safe zone. Otherwise, a seriously sunken driveway area will require pavement striping. After damaged driveway removal, we recommend a professional new installation that includes an effective driveway drainage system.

Yard Standing Water

If you have a sloped driveway or an ineffective drainage system is set up, with heavy rainfall the water may be directed to a lower area of your yard. Most of the time these areas, if not designed to sustain heavy waterfall, can accumulate standing water and develop humidity. Also, in severe cases grass areas are killed and mosquitos, among other pests, may be the result. By this point, you should be concerned about the detrimental health effects.

Recommended Drainage Solution:

You should know there are a variety of yard surface drainage solutions that can help you mend this issue. To protect your property investment and have long-term peace of mind, our team suggests using the best materials and advanced techniques. One possible solution would be to install stormwater drainage solutions into your landscape, which requires a well designed plan to effectively direct the water into a safe zone. Another solution and the one we recommend, as it provides long-term benefits, is to regrade your driveway surface to channel the heave waterfall into a safe zone away from your yard.

Home Interior Flooding

In mountainous regions, it is very common to find homes with a sloped driveway towards the garage or living area. This design prones to many issues to the foundational structures of homes if the current drainage solutions are not effective. Rainfall and snowfall can aggravate water penetration to basements or other interiors such as garages. When these challenges are present, the negatives effects include loss of property value, furniture damage, and health hazards to name a few.

Recommended Drainage Solution:

In this case, to ensure the prevention of interior flooding a driveway drainage solution installed at a high point of your driveway surface is the best option. This type of drainage system should be installed precisely by a professional in order to channel the water away from the home. Effective water flow is the key to any driveway drainage solution you consider installing. Once again, we recommend you use the best materials and hire a professional with extensive experience.

The Benefits Outweigh The Cons

Considering there are no severe weather conditions, driveway drainage solutions may be installed almost at any time of the year. Being proactive about the protection of your home from water damage can save you lots of money long-term. Above you potential options, but always be considerate that a professional evaluation and installation is the smart way to go.

Below is a list of other areas where you can also consider water drainage solutions:

  • Walkway areas
  • Parking lots
  • Golf courses
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • Gardens and playgrounds
  • Pool decks and patios

Our home care specialists are available to answer any of your questions regarding your driveway drainage needs.

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Allow us to help you assess and solve your driveway drainage challenges.

Are you considering driveway drainage solutions? We hope you find value in the information included in this blog. Our team at Limitless Golden Construction provides state-of-the-art drainage solutions in Putnam and Westchester County, NY. 

Our work speaks for itself, feel free to read our customer thoughts.

Learn more about driveway maintenance by visiting our comprehensive blog. Relatively, we seek to update our insights for you to implement year round. At Limitless Golden Construction, we strive to bring value upfront to each of our clients via home care education and quality services.

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