What is Rutting? Tips to Prevent Puddling on Parking Lots or Driveways

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The winter season is approaching, and with all the snow accumulation and constant melting, so is rutting season. You may wonder, what is rutting? Do you notice small puddles forming on your parking lot? Are they causing your driveway’s asphalt to sink and crack? This can be a sign of a water drainage problem, asphalt compaction, or even a problem with your sub-base. Not to worry, however. Our expert contractors can help you figure out what may be the problem.

What causes puddles on my driveway?

The Northeast is known for its harsh winters and springs. In places like New York, we experience heavy rain in the winter months. This often results in flooding at times if not handled properly. In addition we also have snowfall during these colder seasons, with temperature dropping below freezing point almost daily.

This consistent buildup of water and snow, combined with the weight of parked cars cause parking lot drainage issues. In fact, this is what causes asphalt driveways to puddle. As the water begins to pool, it can begin seeping into your asphalt, causing asphalt compaction.

Maintaining your driveway can help prevent what causes rutting. Pavement rutting is the result of weight repeatedly positioning itself in one spot. The pavement will gradually bend to accommodate this pressure. This creates indentations along wheel paths. Moreover, the asphalt becomes spongy after excessive use which causes an uneven surface with deep corners becoming increasingly dangerous.

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What is rutting and what are its causes?

Rutting is when your asphalt surface has deteriorated due to confined effects of traffic. It is characterized by long, parallel marks in the asphalt caused by the repeated passage of wheels. This problem is usually evident on driveways, parking lots and road shoulders.

The main causes of rutting are:

  • Poor drainage or water accumulation
  • Lack of asphalt compaction
  • Weak sub-base material

How can I prevent water pooling at end of driveway?

One of the main causes for rutting is poor drainage and water accumulation. In the wintertime freezing water enters surface cracks, potholes and sunken areas further damaging your driveway. Your driveway is one of the most important aspects on your property. If it’s not taken care of and maintained properly then problems with rutting can arise. So what are solutions to prevent water from pooling and rutting your pavement?

Having puddles of water around your parking lot, street access or pathway can be an indication that you need professional repair services. The most common cause for this type of damage is basic wear and tear. This will eventually lead to more serious problems with flooding as time goes on without intervention. That’s why it’s important to maintain you asphalt and request the service of someone who knows what they’re doing.

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Having a professional prepare your lot for the winter will be the difference between having a proper drainage system or not. It’s important to take care of these things before they turn into a bigger and cause extensive rutting. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable solution for your driveway drainage problem, give Limitless Golden Construction Inc. a call. We have the best team of experts in the industry who are more than happy to help.

Some great solutions in order to prevent puddling and eventually rutting are:

  • Routine sealcoating
  • Installing proper draining systems
  • Cleaning oil spills
  • Snow removal (both professional and DIY) or snow plowing
  • Getting an expert to inspect your driveway

The best way to avoid these costly damages is to be proactive. If you’re noticing water pooling in certain areas of your property, it’s important to take immediate action. Waiting until the damage is done will only result in a more expensive and time-consuming solutions.

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What problems can arise due to improper drainage?

Lack of asphalt maintenance can cause rutting in your driveway among other problems. If you’re noticing any type of water pooling in your parking lot, driveway or pathway these are all signs that you need professional help. Improper drainage can lead to flooding in areas of your property such as the garage. Other problems that can arise are foundation damage and wet basements.

If you see the level lowering over time, this may be an indication of a problem with the sub-base material underneath. Routine maintenance can help prevent problems like broken pipes and clogged drains. Limitless Golden Construction Inc. recommends that you do routine sealcoating, clean oil spills, and remove snow as best practices of pavement maintenance to prevent puddling/rutting.

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How does lack of traffic affect the subbase of asphalt pavement?

Your driveway and the parking lot are strong and sturdy. However, lack of traffic can weaken the sub-base material within your asphalt driveway or parking lot. If the driveway has not been properly maintained with regular sealcoating, cracks will occur in asphalt that results in grass growing through it. This weakens the driveway and if water gets inside it can cause extensive damage.

Applying an asphalt sealer is one of the most important things to do when maintaining parking lots or driveways. This will help you avoid puddling and driveway rutting from getting out of hand. Limitless Golden Construction Inc. recommends that you have your asphalt pavement inspected every 3-5 years depending on the type of surface you have. If you see puddling or rutting occurring, it’s important to contact a professional right away for driveway parking lot maintenance.

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A driveway striping is another important step in asphalt driveway maintenance. Striping your driveway makes it easier for vehicles to park and ensures that drivers are aware of where to stop. This will help avoid driveway rutting and puddling that can lead to serious problems for your driveway or parking lot.

Why does grass grow through vacant parking lots?

Grass growing through your asphalt is another common problem that occurs when the driveway has not been properly maintained. If you see grass popping up in certain areas of your driveway, it’s important to get this handled as soon as possible. Regularly scheduled maintenance services will help eliminate any problems with grass growing through cracks on poorly maintained asphalt parking lots or driveways.

If no parking lot maintenance is performed, water damage will occur at the driveway surface due to a lack of asphalt compaction. When this occurs, grass and weeds will grow through the cracks of your driveway or parking lot. It’s important to keep the driveway clean by doing regular driveway snow removal and sealcoating with Limitless Golden Construction Inc. We can use our experience and knowledge to help you avoid puddling and driveway rutting.

What should I keep in mind this winter to prevent rutting?

Preventing asphalt damage in the winter is also an important step in getting ahead of any possible water pooling on your driveway. Making sure that your parking lot is properly drained and salted will help reduce the amount of water accumulation. Placing proper snow berms in parking spaces will also keep the snow from melting and turning into water. Finally, always make sure that your parking lot or driveway is free of any debris or objects that can cause water to pool. Contracting a professional to remove snow from your driveway is also a very effective way to prevent water damage during the winter.

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Shoveling snow out of your pavement as soon as possible also helps prevent rutting as water will have a harder time accumulating and damaging your parking lot.

How to take care of asphalt this winter?

You may be tempted to salt your driveway, however we encourage you to think about the following before you do that.

Salt can be very corrosive to parking lot but it is a timely, effective option for melting away ice and snow. Additionally, salt is not friendly to most parking lot surfaces because it has a high pH which can cause damage, cracks and potholes over time.

Installing asphalt pavement is one of the most important things you can do for your home. Salt put onto driveways to melt snow from winter storms and icy conditions can cause damage to driveways. However, professionally installed asphalt pavement and routine maintenance should be able to withstand this.

If you want to know more about when to salt your driveway, read our blog giving a more detailed description. Overall you want to maintain your driveway in order to prevent any rutting or puddling.

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Our pavement care specialists are available to answer any of your questions regarding what causes rutting on your driveway and what to do to prevent it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, get ahead of the winter season and prepare your driveway for the snow. Learn more about what we do and request your free quote today!